We've completed this project, but we'd be happy to keep you informed about future missions to this destination.

Participants of the Dutch delegation visiting Sydney from 14-20 October 2017:

Stijn Grove-
Director Digital Gateway -
Stijn is the director of both the Dutch Datacenter Association and Digital Gateway. He represents the members of these industry organizations, including all major players in Dutch Digital Infrastructure, during this trip.

Ruud Alaerds -
Director Dutch Hosting Provider Association -
Ruud is the director of the Dutch Hosting Provider Association ; the industry organization for hosting providers.

Wouter Koch -
Director APAC Usabilla -
Wouter is launching the Usabilla Sydney office this month. Usabilla collects User feedback on digital channels for Enterprise companies. Usabilla helps brands like HP, Philips,, Lufthansa, KLM, Transavia and The Economist to improve the performance of their websites, apps and emails with live user feedback.

Richard den Buitelaar -
Founder/owner, QMakelaars -
Richard is the founder and owner of QMakelaars, a real estate company that combines the best in social media and business process management to create an unique customer centric approach in the property market.

Remko ten Barge -
Co-founder/ CEO, NieuweStroom -
Remko is the CEO of NieuweStroom, a energy supplier changing the Dutch energy market by offering dynamic pricing, enabling businesses to significantly reduce costs. The unique business model of NieuweStroom enables and encourages clients to adjust/shift/optimize energy consumption, taken into account the actual market prices. Besides cost savings, this will result in a more sustainable, efficient and transparent energy market to reduce peak consumption.

Edwin Oosterkamp-
Founder ibBooster-
Edwin is the founder/owner of ibBooster. ibBooster supports international companies to expand to Europe. The company has a strong focus and wide experience in media, telcom and IT.

Sebastian Hamers
Co-founder Human Insight-
Sebastian is the co-founder of Human Insight. Human Insights delivers business assessments for organisations to analyse their adaptability to change. The company’s core activities are based on it’s bespoke software for people analytics.

Nasrath Popal -
Program manager Internationalization, -
Nasrath is program manager internationalization at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (also known as RVO). RVO encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, innovative and international business.

Sandra Brandenburg -
Partner -
Sandra is founder of For the last decade has supported entrepreneurs in realizing their international growth ambitions. They do this by organizing inbound and outbound trade missions, matchmaking, events and export coaching.