We've completed this project, but we'd be happy to keep you informed about future missions to this destination.

Tentative program:
Day 0: Saturday 26th October 2019
Departure  Amsterdam – Hong Kong
13:00h Departure Schiphol on flight  CX270

Day 1: Sunday 27th October 2019

Arrival Hong Kong
6:10h Arrival Hong Kong
Airport Transfer
Check-in hotel
(please note, often check-in is only available from noon, early check-in can be requested at extra cost)
City tour Hong Kong
Welcome briefing and dinner,
Introduction to doing business in Hong Kong

Day 2: Monday 28th October 2019
Company visits in Hong Kong (Tech company and/or Dutch company active in Hong Kong)
Onward journey per subway or bus to Shenzhen
(Please note, this is a border crossing and here you enter the Chinese mainland where visas are checked)
Check-in hotel Shenzhen
Dinner with guest speaker

Day 3: Tuesday 29th October 2019
Company visits in Shenzhen

Day 4: Wednesday 30th October 2019
Company visits in Shenzhen
Onward journey to  Shanghai per domestic flight

Day 5: Thursday 31th October 2019
Company visits in Shanghai

Network event

Day 6:  Friday 1st  November 2019
Company visits in Shanghai

Day 7: Saturday 2nd  November 2019
Return to Amsterdam
17:30  Airport transfer
19:55 Flight CX 5897 Shanghai – Hong Kong  
00:25 Flight CX 271 Hong Kong – Amsterdam
Night flight back to Amsterdam
Arrival In Amsterdam: Sunday 3th November 6:10h.